PPT Legal offers made to measure tax advice to its clients both in terms of corporate taxation as well as in terms of individual taxation of high net worth individuals on a continuous and on a matter specific basis.
Our tax lawyers work closely with reputable auditing firms and accountants (depending on the requirements of each case) to provide advice with regard to:

  • corporate tax, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions;
  • bilateral Treaties for the Avoidance of Double Taxation;
  • taxation of Greek expatriates and of foreign expatriates living in Greece;
  • compliance with applicable transfer-pricing regulation;
  • real-estate acquisition and development;
  • aviation transactions, shipping and yachting;
  • custom clearance matters;
  • VAT matters;
  • stamp duty issues;
  • tax audits, tax litigation and representation in extra-judicial administrative procedures;
  • taxation of high net worth individuals.

Our firm represents major corporate clients across the industry, banks and financial institutions, aviation and shipping companies, foreign and domestic investors, as well as high net worth individuals. The firm’s practice has over the years cultivated a wide network of accounting professionals and of foreign tax counsels enabling us to serve our clients on an international level.

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