PPT Legal is one of the few law firms in Greece offering the full range of alternative dispute resolution services including but not limited to negotiation and mediation. As a law firm attuned to clients needs we realised quite early that clients tend to prefer lawyers who assist them in resolving their disputes with full understanding of their underlying commercial interests. PPT Legal built its reputation through its role as the legal counsel who can assist the client in clearly defining their goals, helping them develop a strategy that takes into consideration the likely perspective of taking the case to court in comparison with the alternative ways of dealing with the dispute and eventually making the right decision.

In this respect we provide:

  • Expertise in the full range of dispute resolution mechanisms;
  • Tailored advice based on our detailed understanding of the industries in which our clients operate;
  • Innovation not only in connection with the process to be followed, but also the content of the case;
  • State of the art negotiation techniques leading to highly satisfactory agreements;
  • Lawyers and personnel who can present cost-efficient solutions, including advanced budgeting software to keep clients informed of costs and procedures and to facilitate resource allocation to stay within budget guidelines.

Dr. Ioanna Anastassopoulou, who is the head of the ADR department, is considered a leader in her field having introduced mediation in Greece in 2005 and having organised the first trainings locally. Ioanna was a CEDR finalist in the ADR Champions Category for 2013 and is the only mediator listed for Greece in the Who’s Who Legal Mediation for 2014 and 2015.

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Mediation & ADR